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*waves* Hi! If you’re here, then you are interested in free books! Who isn’t? But, there is the matter of some ground rules before we get started.


  1. First, this is open to US residents only. Apologies to our overseas friends. This contest will run from 12:01 am July 3rd CST to midnight July 5th PST. There are two of us on opposite ends of the US. We want everyone to have time to participate.
  2. There is no purchase necessary. NONE.
  3. You do not have to “Like” anyone or subscribe to any blogs or pages. (If you do decide to subscribe to the Ink Slingers, we would be grateful, but it is not necessary to win.) We hope that you will, if only to keep abreast of the cool things to come your way via this blog.
  4. You may play multiple games as they appear, however, you may only win once. We encourage you to play along for the batches of books that interest you, but in the end, THERE MAY BE ONLY ONE. *insert gratuitous Highlander reference*
  5. Authors, if you have donated, you may still play. Please try to keep the fact that you donated a secret. BLIND. DATE. However, you run the risk of receiving back a copy of your book. You have been warned.
  6. Readers, on the off chance you receive a book you have already read, it’s still yours. No returns or substitutions. In short, no take backsies. Pass it along to a friend and introduce them to a new author.
  7. Everyone participating is required to be RESPECTFUL of others. We will not tolerate any sort of hate-speech, derogatory comments, or spamming. You will be removed and will not be allowed to participate. EVER. So, please, act like an adult. This is for fun and for everyone. Please respect others.
  8. Only one comment per game is allowed. Let’s be fair and let everyone have a chance. See Rule #7.
  9. Also, The Ink Slingers are not responsible for the quality or the subject matter of the books distributed for the giveaway.
  10. Most importantly…..HAVE SOME FUN.